Sometimes, to research or investigate what a group of people think about an issue, or to explore or work out how to deal with an important problem, opportunity or challenge, it’s best to set aside some dedicated time to address the topic in some detail.

Often a well-structured, well-facilitated workshop can really be most effective. That’s where Owen Morris can assist.

What issue or opportunity do you need to look at more ?

It could be anything from exploring the needs or expectations of a group of your stakeholders to thinking of innovative ways to improve a declining product or how to enter a new market. Other options might be, for example, evaluating options for a business plan, reviewing progress on a big project, or exploring ways for your organisation to work more collaboratively with a supplier or major client.

There are various types and format of group meeting and they can come with different names, like focus group, seminar, workshop, round-table, conference, summit or forum. There are also, of course, various ‘online’ methods like webinars and message-boards. Furthermore, there are ‘ongoing’ structured methods like user panels, advisory boards and committees. All have slightly different characteristics and benefits.

Group workshops bring lots of benefits

Working through a group can offer lots of advantages over trying to deal alone with an issue. Groups can look at an issue more roundly and deeply, they can come up with more ideas, they can encourage more creative thinking, and – especially when combined with some individual thinking time – typically come up with better quality and better-informed conclusions or decisions. Also, groups often come up with ideas or solutions faster and more easily. And, of course, they can be more fun and motivational for the participants.

Tailored, facilitated workshops. Applied expertise.

A group meeting or workshop can be very quick – just an hour or so – or run for a few hours or even a day or more, depending on factors like the complexity of the issue and the number of people involved. But, to be effective, any group session needs careful planning, with key factors including, for example, careful definition of objectives and issues to be addressed, preparing suitable reference or stimulus material in advance, and designing the most appropriate agenda.

For the meeting itself, as well as skilful facilitation, an appropriate mix of supportive process tools and techniques is key. For example, there is a wide choice of models and linear techniques which can help with analysing and understanding an issue. Likewise, there is a wide and varied tool box to help with areas like creative thinking, decision-making and action planning. A mix of techniques is usually best.

Owen Morris are expert facilitators, so we can advise and work with you to design, plan, deliver and follow-up a powerful group meeting for you. What’s more, of course, we’ll bring an outside-in, fresh and independent perspective – so useful and helpful for any thinking process.

Expert associate partners to help address specific issues

To further add value to our facilitation, where useful, we can call upon and involve one of our specialist associates to assist. Our network covers disciplines ranging from corporate law and governance to business finance and HR management. They can be used simply, for example, to offer a neutral but expert perspective in advance of a workshop, but equally they could join the workshop for part of the time to help add expertise in the discussions and guide choices and decisions.

Your team’s expertise + Owen Morris’s expert facilitation will add up to a powerful combination! So contact us today.