Uncertainty and change are the new normal. Leaders of all organisations nowadays have to be change-minded and skilled at managing the implementation of change, whether transformational change or just incremental change.

But change can be difficult. This is despite there being lots of well-established guidance on the subject. Tips like: define a clear vision, create a sense of urgency, involve staff widely and create short-term wins. But still research consistently shows that over two thirds of change projects fail.

Owen Morris can help you achieve successful change. Our services range from dedicated support and resource for dedicated change projects to senior management resource for extended periods.

Change management support

Whatever the scale of your change programme, we can provide flexible support to make it work out well. The many ways we can assist include, for example:

Assessing the issues for change and crafting with you a compelling new future vision • Designing the overall approach and process for a change project • Designing and carrying out surveys and consultation amongst key stakeholders • Provide coaching, training and support to change leaders and managers • Facilitating meetings and workshops required in the change process • Devising suitable communication tactics and materials • Assisting managers in developing specific new policies or strategies • Acting as overall ‘project planner/manager’, freeing senior managers to focus on leading and communicating with staff

Wider strategic project support & interim director

As well as support with change, we can provide dedicated resource for other types of strategic, business development or marketing project. It could be, for example, consultation for and drafting of a business case for entering a new market; planning of a new joint venture; co-ordinating a staff re-structuring; management of the launch of a new service; or canvassing the views of different stakeholders before a strategic Board meeting.

If you need to have support at senior/general management level in a more concentrated way, either part-time or full-time, over an extended period, our senior partner, Mike Owen, can offer an ‘interim director’ service. This can cover senior roles like Marketing Director, General Manager, Communications Director, and interim CEO or COO. If Mike’s background does not fit, we can find other suitable interim executives from our wider associate pool or source specialist people for you. Each assignment is organised on a fully tailored and flexible basis.

Strategy partner & Non-exec service

Mike also offers SMEs and non-profit organisations an outsourced ‘Strategy Partner’ service. This is like having for a few hours each week an in-house strategy advisor cum strategic projects manager, working closely with your Board or senior team flexibly and always on call as needed, but without the need to pay the overheads of a senior employee.

Mike will typically join your regular Board or executive meetings, meet regularly with your CEO and/or Chair to give strategic input on issues and decisions, whilst also handling the detail of business planning, watching over the implementation of plans, assisting or managing selected development projects, and generally helping to look out for new strategic or innovation opportunities for the organisation.

The role works on a monthly fixed-fee or pay-as-needed basis, with no long-term commitment required.

As another way of providing extended, dedicated support, Mike is also ready sometimes to work as a Board non-executive or chair/lead of a management committee or advisory board. With over 15 years’ experience as a Board non-exec and external trustee with large and small organisations across many sectors – ranging from housing and social care to health and safety and sport – he will be able to bring that vital external perspective to complement any Board or executive team.

So, contact Owen Morris today. The extra support you need to power your organisation forward!