Welcome to Owen Morris Partnership! We are independent strategic and leadership support facilitators.

We help leaders – and their teams – think, plan, make decisions and work better together.

The need for wider thinking and a fresh perspective

Organisations face changes around them everyday, but sadly too often leaders can fail to see, accept, think about or act on those changes. This may be down to a lack of awareness or ‘filtered’ (biased) thinking or simply, of course, because choosing how to act is not easy. What can be so useful, therefore, is to have the spark and stimulus of wider thinking and deliberation – particularly an ‘outside-in’ perspective. We seek to provide that spark and work with you as an independent, support partner.

We work with leaders of business, not-for-profit and public sector organisations – including CEOs, Chairs, Boards, non-execs, senior executive teams and individual managers. Our services range from strategic reviews and market/stakeholder research, through support with strategic/business planning and organisational development, to team/individual coaching and interim CEO/change project support.

Intelligence + strategy + leadership + organisation

We believe that an agile process of close integration is needed between these four key levers for organisations to perform well …… intelligence informs strategy, which drives leadership, which is supported by apppropriate organisational processes.

Sadly, sometimes leaders may not have the required time, experience or perspective required. That’s where Owen Morris can assist:

  • Intelligence: See the latest trends, analyse data, identify and think through the key issues, develop creative ideas, evaluate choices, and make wise decisions. Clearly, rigorously, and mitigating against biases.
  • Strategy: Research, develop, define and monitor strategies and effective plans. From inspiring ‘strategic purpose’ statements to agile work/team plans.
  • Leadership: Developing inspiring leadership practices for the organisation. So that all staff feel valued, engaged, empowered, informed and motivated to deliver their best.
  • Organisation: Defining and putting in place needed organisational practices and systems to support strategy and leadership. Including structure, culture, team/work practices, communication, information/reporting, risk, technology, and work environment policies.

The importance of wide thinking and shared discussion

Crucial ingredients for most good decisions and plans include not just decent information but also wide thinking and shared discussion. Also it’s wise to allow for the inevitable risks of various personal and organisational biases that can easily intrude. This is the way to greater insight, smarter choices and easier implementation of decisions. That’s why it makes sense to use Owen Morris as your independent facilitation partner.

Our approach is cross-disciplinary and practical. We bring together and apply sensible and progressive ideas from several, relevant disciplines, including: market research, neuroscience, strategic management, individual and group psychology, and organisational development.

Strategic and leadership support facilitators – with more than 25 years’ experience

The practice is based in the centre of the UK. We keep a small core team but with a close network of associate specialist partners in a range of management disciplines, ranging from finance to HR.

Our commercial clients range from professional service firms, owner-managed firms, and family-run enterprises to new start-ups/sole traders. In the not-for-profit sector, we specialise in large and small charities, membership/professional bodies, social enterprises and NGOs.

Senior Partner, Mike Owen

An MBA, a CMI Fellow and qualified marketer and researcher, Mike is an experienced general manager, CEO, Board Chair, joint-venture MD, non-exec/trustee, executive/Board facilitator (e.g. DISC certified), and management coach/mentor, with experience across a diverse range of business and non-business sectors.

His commercial sector experience includes 15 years in sales/marketing with major companies, including Baker Perkins Engineering, Time Warner Inc, British Telecom, Lloyds Bank and Barclays Bank. He’s also been a senior consultant with international advisers Grant Thornton and MD or CEO with companies in the health and IT sectors. More recently, with Owen Morris, he has advised businesses ranging from start-ups to established professional service firms.

His public sector experience includes head of planning for a £600m-turnover national NHS authority and Board roles with a range of organisations in the housing and education sectors.

Mike’s extensive non-profit experience includes a diverse range of executive, non-executive and consulting roles, particularly amongst member-based and professional bodies. His CEO/operational director experience includes, for example, the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, Birmingham Chamber of Commerce, the Service Management Association, the British Psychotherapy Foundation and the Proprietary Healthcare Association of Great Britain.

His more than 15 years’ experience in Board trustee roles spans small and large charities, including the Abbeyfield Society, British Safety Council, London University, the chartered Landscape Institute, the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, and most recently, the Royal Life Saving Society where he was Chair of the Board of Trustees.

Operations Partner, Anthony Morris

Operations Partner, Anthony, has similarly over 20 years’ management experience across both commercial and charitable organisations. His business experience comprises management roles in the catering, consumer durables and manufacturing sectors. He has also set up, run and successfully sold two service-based businesses.

His several years’ experience in the charity sector includes roles with mental healthy charity, MIND, in the Thames Valley, and with a community support charity in the West Midlands. He has also been extensively involved with the Abbeyfield Society, Oxford.

We’re Owen Morris Partnership – independent strategic and leadership support facilitators. We’re ready to work with your organisation!

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